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How To Dive In FIFA 23 – Complete Step-by-Step Guide

How To Dive In FIFA 23 – Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to another detailed guide on FIFA 23! Whether you’re a goalkeeper or a player out on the field, diving is a crucial skill. Goalkeepers use diving to make awesome saves and prevent goals, while outfield players sometimes use it to try and trick the referees. In this article, we will tell you how to dive perfectly in FIFA 23

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How To Dive In FIFA 23

We’re going to explore both sides. As a goalkeeper and as a player, you’ll learn all about when to do it, how to do it right, and the strategies to become a super goalkeeper and player.

On the other hand, you’ve seen players fall down in real soccer to get free kicks or penalties, that’s called “diving,” and guess what?

You can do it in the game too! Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a FIFA pro, get ready to dive into the action of FIFA 23!

How to Dive as a Player In FIFA 23

We’ll show you how you can dive as a player in FIFA 23 on all gaming Console

PS4 and PS5 

Diving in FIFA 23 as a player out on the field is very simple. When the opponent player comes closer to you. Use a Controller analog stick to select the diving location,

And then Quickly press ” L2 ” from your controller. Your player will suddenly dive and fall down. You can use this to trick the referee.


This trick also works on Xbox. Use the Direction pad to set your diving location and then press quickly ” X ” from your controller to dive. This trick works on all Xbox models


In PC use the arrow key to set the aim and press ” ” quickly for fake diving. If this key is not working go to the menu. and then click on Controls Settings and Find the keys that are set by default for diving in FIFA 23 PC

Nintendo Switch

In Nintendo Switch, Use direction buttons to set directions and quickly press ” ” from the left side controller for diving. Sometimes this trick does not work. So don’t need to worry. try it after some time. We hope it will work.

How to Dive as Goalkeeper In FIFA 23

Goalkeepers use diving to make awesome saves and prevent goals. In this section, We will tell to Step-by-Step how you can use your goalkeeper Diving Skills.

PS4 and PS5

Press and hold the “L1” button on your controls, and then use the directional stick to choose the direction you want. When the opponent gets close to your goalkeeper,

let go of the “L1” button and quickly press the “R3” button to make your player dive. Before pressing “R3” move the directional stick to a better position for a better dive to save the goal.


You can use this trick on Xbox consoles too. Use the directional pad to pick the better position for your goalkeeper to dive, and then quickly press the “X” button on your controller to dive and save the goal. This trick works on all Xbox models.


On a PC, use the arrow keys to set position and press the “D” key for dive. Always keep in mind direction really matters. If you don’t dive in the right direction,

You will not be able to save the goal. If the “D” key isn’t functioning, navigate to the menu, then access Control Settings. Look for the default keys assigned for diving as a goalkeeper in FIFA 23 on PC.

Nintendo Switch

When playing on the Nintendo Switch, use the directional buttons to choose the direction you want to dive, and then press the “X” button on the left side of the controller quickly to dive and save the goal.

Sometimes this technique might not work right away, but there’s no need to worry. Just give it a little time and try again later.

Final words

In conclusion, mastering the art of diving in FIFA 23 can provide a significant advantage in the game. Understanding when and where to execute a dive can be a game-changing skill. 

We suggest you read the article completely to know everything. If you have any other questions related to FIFA 23 or any other app or game, feel free to ask us in the comment box.

We will write a detailed article on your question to solve your problem. And Don’t Forget To share this article with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you dive in FIFA 22?

Dive in FIFA 22 is simple, Use (arrows keys+D) for PC (L1+R3) for PlayStation and (Direction pad+X) for Xbox

How do you dive into FIFA 21?

Dive in FIFA 21 is simple, Use (arrows keys+D) for PC (L1+R3) for PlayStation and (Direction pad+X) for Xbox

How do you dive into pro clubs FIFA 23 ps5?

For diving, You can make your goalkeeper move to the left and right on the goal line using the Left Stick. Then, flick the Right Stick in the way you want to dive and then press ” R3 ” to dive

How To Prepare Yourself Before Diving?

For diving in FIFA 23, your position really matters. If your player is in the right place means near to the opponent player then he can dive well.

And can also get the benefits of this dive. Always make sure your location and timing are good before diving. The same idea applies to goalkeepers

Why do you fake dive in FIFA 23 as a player?

Learning how to do a fake dive as a player in FIFA 23 is like a cool trick. It’s like pretending to fall to fool other players and the referee.

When you do it right, you can make the referee give you free kicks or penalties, which can really help your team. It’s like playing a little smart game within the big game of soccer!