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How To Juggle In FIFA 23- Complete Step-By-Step Guide

How To Juggle In FIFA 23- Complete Step-By-Step Guide

Juggling in FIFA 23 involves using special moves to keep the soccer ball in the air with style. Although the exact methods might be different from previous versions, learning How to juggle in FIFA 23 can add an extra layer of fun and creativity to your gameplay. Let’s discover how you might perform this cool trick in FIFA 23!

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How to Juggle in FIFA 23 On PC

Juggling the ball on PC is very simple, just tap quickly “D-W” from the keyboard, to juggle the ball in the up direction. And press “D-S” quickly From your keyboard to juggle the ball in the down direction. If these keys are not working, go to the menu and click on Control Settings to see the default keys for juggling the ball in FIFA 23 Video game.

How to Juggle in FIFA 23 On PS4 and PS5

In FIFA 23 video game juggling the ball is one of the best skill. In this section, I will tell you how you can do Juggling on any PlayStation Model. Hold the ” L2 ” button from your controller and tap ” R1 ” to juggle the ball. To see other Skill Moves. Open the options scroll down and select Skill Move Help to see other skills.

How to Juggle in FIFA 23 On Xbox

Juggling the ball on any Xbox model is very simple. Hold the ” LT ” and then tap ” RB ” to juggle the ball on Xbox. If these 2 keys are not working. Open the settings then scroll down and select Skill Move Help to see which keys are set by default for juggling.

How to Juggle in FIFA 23 On Nintendo Switch

FIFA 23 video game is also available for Nintendo Switch. If you are playing FIFA 23 on Nintendo Switch and you want to juggle the ball. Simply Hold the ” ZL ” and tap ” R ” to juggle the ball.

These are the simple steps to do some juggling in FIFA 23

With juggling you can bring an extra flair to your gameplay. Show off your skills by performing impressive juggling moves, keeping the ball off the ground while surprising your opponents.

Mastering these techniques adds a new dimension to your playing style, making each match a display of both strategy and finesse.

So, step onto the virtual pitch, experiment with different juggling combinations, and enjoy the thrill of pulling off incredible tricks in the heat of the game.

    Final words

    In FIFA 23, learning how to juggle is like adding a special spark to your game. It’s about keeping the soccer ball up in the air with cool moves. Even though the ways might be a bit different.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to do juggling in FIFA 22?

    Juggling the ball in FIFA 22 is simple to use (D-W, D-S) for PC (L2+R1) for PlayStation and (LR+RB) for Xbox