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How To Turn On Timed Finishing In FIFA 23? Complete Guide (2024)

How To Turn On Timed Finishing In FIFA 23? Complete Guide (2024)

FIFA 23, the latest installment of EA Sports’ long-running football simulation game series, has once again brought a host of improvements and additions to its gameplay mechanics. Among these new features is the “Timed Finishing” system, a skill-based mechanic that adds a new layer of depth and control to shooting. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to turn on and effectively use timed finishing in FIFA 23.

What is Timed Finishing?

Before we get into the how-to, let’s first understand what timed finishing is. Introduced in FIFA 19, timed finishing is a feature that allows players to have more control over their shots’ accuracy and power. When used correctly, it can turn a decent shot into a spectacular goal.

However, if the timing is off, it could result in a wasted opportunity. Timed Finishing is like a skill you can learn to make your goals better in FIFA games.

How to Turn On Timed Finishing in FIFA 23?

  • Go to the Main Menu: Start by launching FIFA 23 and going to the main menu.
  • Navigate to Customise: From the main menu, navigate to the “Customise” tab.
  • Select Settings: Within the Customize tab, you will find an option called “Settings“. Select this option.
  • Choose Game Settings: Inside the settings menu, look for and select “Game Settings“.
  • Turn On Timed Finishing: Here, you’ll see a list of different gameplay options. Look for “Timed Finishing” and toggle it to “On”.
How To Turn On Timed Finishing FIFA 23

How to Turn Off Timed Finishing in FIFA 23?

If you want to turn Off Timed Finishing simply go to “Customize Controls” scroll down select “Timed Finishing” and toggle it to “OFF

How to Time Your Shots in FIFA 23?

Mastering the timing of your shot in FIFA 23 is crucial to increasing your chances of scoring a goal. This can be achieved by double-tapping the shot button, which is represented as “O” on PlayStation and “B” on Xbox. The speed at which you double-tap the shot button will ultimately determine the quality of your shot.

There are four variations of Timed Finishing Shots in the game: Red, Yellow, Green, and White. These colors appear on the timing bar and signify the quality of the shot.

Red Timed Shot

This occurs when you double-tap the shot button too early, which results in an inaccurate shot and decreases the likelihood of scoring a goal. The timing bar will display red to indicate this.

Yellow Timed Shot

Pressing the shot button slightly early will result in a yellow timed shot. Although a yellow timed shot is better than a red one, it doesn’t guarantee a perfect goal due to its limited accuracy.

Green Timed Shot

For a perfect shot with optimal accuracy and power, you should press the shot button at the right time. When executed correctly, the timing bar will turn green, indicating a higher probability of scoring a goal.

White Timed Shot

If you press the shot button too late, you’ll get a white timed shot. This type of shot lacks the necessary precision and power to score a goal, as indicated by the white color on the timing bar.

How To Turn On Timed Finishing FIFA 23

Practice Makes Perfect

Timed finishing can be a game-changer, but it requires practice. Spend time in the practice arena or play a few friendly matches to get the hang of it. Remember, the key to mastering this mechanic is timing and precision.


In conclusion, activating Timed Finishing in FIFA 23 can greatly enrich your gaming experience by adding a new level of control over your shots. Mastering this feature will not only increase your chances of scoring goals but also make gameplay more engaging and competitive. Despite the learning curve, with practice and patience, you can leverage this feature to enhance your performance on the virtual football field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Why is the timed finishing indicator not showing on FIFA 23?

A – First, check the trainer toggle is set to “show.” Then, make sure your Time Finishing indicator is turned “On

Q – How do you access trainer settings on FIFA 23?

A – Click on “Settings” then go to Customise Controls, then Scroll down and look for the “FIFA Trainer” option, Select this option and toggle it to “Show” to access the trainer settings. 

Q – How do I turn off timed finishing in career mode?

A – In FIFA, you can turn off timed finishing in Career Mode by going to the Gameplay Settings and setting the Timed Finishing option to “Off.”

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