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FIFA 23 Mobile Apk Download For Android/IOS 2024

FIFA 23 Mobile Apk Download For Android/IOS 2024

FIFA 23 Mobile APK is the ultimate example of football simulation on mobile devices. Electronic Arts i.e. EA has created this edition, which brings the excitement of the FIFA video game series to smartphones and tablets. This way you can play your favorite game anywhere, anytime. It is different from previous versions because it has advanced graphics, realistic physics, and a huge list of players from teams around the world. This version is different because it gives you the experience of playing football like a console in your hands.

FIFA 23 Mobile Apk

In FIFA 23, every match experience is thrilling, thanks to HyperMotion Technology. As soon as the game starts, you can see the reality by watching the players’ movements and their decisions. Tactical AI makes every player on the pitch more intelligent, leading to better runs, better positioning and intelligent decisions making every play strategic and engaging.

When the high-stakes moment of the match arrives, you can use Explosive Sprint to create dynamic one-on-one situations and defeat your opponents. The Player Humanization feature is also seen in action, as players show different emotions and interactions during the match, adding depth to the gameplay.

Whether you’re navigating a tense standoff in Career Mode or experiencing the fast-paced action of Volta Football, FIFA 23 delivers an immersive experience unlike other football simulations.

Tap the button provided to get the FIFA 23 Mobile Apk on your device. If the button doesn’t work, inform us in the comments, and we’ll fix the download link.

Apk Information

Name FIFA 23 Mobile Apk
Version v3.4
Size 1.3 GB
Price Free
Last Updated March 21, 2023
Launch Date September 30, 2022


How to install FIFA 23 Mobile On Android?

  • First of all, click on the download button given below and download the game.
  • To extract the downloaded file you will have to download ZArchiver App.
  • After downloading ZArchiver App, extract the downloaded file. This will be changed to a normal folder.
  • Now install FIFA 23 Mobile APK.
  • To install the Apk, go to security setting and enable the permission to download from “Unknown Source“.
  • Copy the OBB Folder and paste it in Android>obb folder.
  • Also copy the Data Folder and paste it in Android>data folder.
  • When you paste these folders, the system will ask you to replace the folder. To replace, click on Yes.
  • After completing all these steps, open the game and enjoy playing the game.

    Minimum Requirements

    • Minimum 1GB OF RAM or higher
    • 3GB Free Space
    FIFA 23 mod Download for Android


    HyperMotion2 Technology

    Now the same HyperMotion technology which was in console versions has also come on mobile. It makes player actions and team dynamics look even more real, taken from real data from professional matches.

    Ultimate Team

    Create your dream squad from among thousands of players from all over the world. The Ultimate Team feature lets you deeply customize, create strategies and manage your team.

    Career Mode

    Manage your favorite club in Career Mode, taking strategic decisions outside the pitch and guiding them towards on-pitch glory.

    VOLTA Football

    VOLTA brings the game to street style, with a fast-paced, and personalized football experience. Show your style in cages and courts all over the world.

    Improved AI

    AI has been further improved to provide a more challenging and realistic experience. On the field, both the opponents and their teammates have taken smarter decisions.

    Enhanced Graphics and Animations

    With enhanced graphics, player faces and animations, FIFA 23 APK delivers a beautiful visual football experience that reflects the real environment of the game.

    Real-World Integration

    Live events and content updates are synced according to the real world football calendar, keeping the game fresh and exciting throughout the year.

    Cross-Platform Play

    For the first time, matches are played against players from different platforms, this increases the pool of opponents and makes matchmaking faster.

    Advanced Tactical Setup

    Customize your team’s playing style with the advanced tactical setup, so you can have more control over your team’s play.

    FIFA 23 mod Download for Android

    Player Impact Engine

    Player Impact Engine makes the physical competition between players even more real, increasing the physicality and excitement in matches.

    Reality Broadcast Replays

    With this new feature, you will now be able to watch the match from a completely new perspective. With the help of augmented reality, it will be possible to see every goal and every play from different angles. Hyper-realistic view will allow you to analyze the game closely, to fully feel every single detail. So get ready to enjoy the match in a new style.

    Offline Mode

    Even if you do not have internet connection, there is no need to worry. FIFA 23 Apk provides you offline mode. In this you can play your matches even without internet, manage your team and move ahead in your career. This feature of offline mode will give you constant entertainment fun, no matter where you are!

    English Commentary

    If you want to make the match even more original and interesting, then definitely try the English commentary feature of FIFA game. When you are playing a game, professional commentary keeps you fully involved in the game. With commentary on every move, every goal, it feels like you are watching a live match. You will feel as if you are really sitting in the stadium and everything is happening live. This feature gives a new life to every match, providing a true enjoyment.

    FIFA 23 mod Download for Android

    Top 5 Alternatives

    PES 2023 Mobile

    • PES 2023 Mobile, known for its realistic gameplay and strategic depth, looks to truly recreate the experience with real football mechanics and an exclusive license to select clubs.

    Dream League Soccer 2023

    • Dream League Soccer 2023 gives you extensive customization options for your team and stadium. Its gameplay strikes a balance between arcade and simulation.

    Football Manager 2023

    • Football Manager 2023 Mobile is a perfect game for those who focus on log tactics. In this you are in the shoes of a manager, where you have to take important decisions to take your club towards success.

    Score! Hero 2023

    • Score! Hero 2023, the focus is on story and career progression. It offers a unique style of football games, where you control the career of an aspiring Indian football star.

    Real Football

    • Real Football is a good option for people who are looking for a more accessible football game. This game emphasizes simplicity and fun, with less focus on realism and more on enjoyable gameplay.


    FIFA 23 APK is not just a part of another series; This is a big leap in mobile football gaming. With console-quality gameplay, multiple modes, and deep customization options, this shows what sports games can achieve on mobile devices.

    Whether you’re strategizing about building the perfect lineup in Ultimate Team, taking your club to the top in Career Mode, or showing off your skills in VOLTA, FIFA 23 APK promises to deliver an unmatched football experience.

    And for those who are looking for other avenues of mobile football, the options we have come up with provide a diverse experience that caters to different tastes and preferences in the world of virtual football.

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