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Prank Pay Money Transfer Apk Download For Android/IOS 2024

Prank Pay Money Transfer Apk Download For Android/IOS 2024

Nowadays, you can make your free time even more fun by digital pranking. In this article, we will share with you an amazing application, whose name is Prank Pay Money Transfer Apk. By using this app you can prank your friends and family by creating fake payment receipts. In this article we will give you complete information about the amazing features of this app.

What is Prank Pay Money Transfer?

This is a fun app designed to have harmless fun with your friends and family. Prank Pay APK is very easy to use, it has a user-friendly interface.

  • Open the Apk and select Payment app (Phonepe, Paytm, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, etc.).
  • Fill the details of the transaction and tap on Submit.
  • This apk will give fake payment receipt.
  • If you want to make fun of us by taking a screenshot of our receipt, please send it to us.

Tap on the download button given below to start the download, then wait for the download to finish. After downloading, install Prank Pay apk in your mobile and start using it. If the download button is not working then please comment below. We will update the download link as soon as possible.

APK Information

Name Prank Pay Money-Transfer
Version v3.3.3
Size 32 MB
Requirements Android 5+
Original Version Not Available
Mod Fake Screenshots maker

How to install Prank Pay for Android

  • Click on the download button and wait for the download to complete
  • After completion install the app into your device
  • Before installation it will ask you to go to Security Settings and enable the “Install Apps From Unknown Sources” option.
  • Enable this option and tap install 
  • Enjoy the application 

Prank Pay Apk Features

Here are some key features of the Prank Pay app.

Scan the QR code

  • There is also an option to scan QR code in this app, which makes this app even more realistic. This is another great way to prank your friends and family with fake QR codes.

Bank Account

  • In this app you can add and save unlimited fake bank accounts.

Editable Account Number

  • Editable Account Number feature makes your joke even more interesting. With this feature you can prank anyone with your new account number.

Bank Balance

  • Prank Pay Apk allows you to change your bank balance at any time. You can look rich in front of your friends and family by increasing your bank balance.

Account Transaction History

  • In this app you are also allowed to save transaction history. This feature will make your joke even more realistic. If someone doesn’t trust the screenshot and asks to see the account history, you can easily make your prank successful by showing the saved transaction history.

Fake Notification

  • This app provides the feature to create fake payment notifications. You can prank your friends and family by showing them fake payment notifications from various payment apps.

Customizable Payment Details

  • Prank Pay Apk allows you to customize payment details such as payer name, amount, and description. This helps make the prank more personalized and convincing.

Simulate Payment Process

  • With this app, you can simulate the entire payment process, making it look as if a real payment is being made. This adds a whole new dimension to your pranking endeavors.

Important Note About Prank Pay Money Transfer Apk

The main purpose of this app is entertainment. We advise you to use this app only for harmless fun. Do not use this app for any immoral purposes. If you are involved in any unethical activity, we will not be responsible for any action taken against you.


In conclusion, Prank Pay has been developed just for entertainment. With this app you can prank your friends or family with fake payment screenshots and receipts. If you face any issues while downloading and installing the app, please let us know in the comment box. We will solve your problem soon.

Alternatives to Prank Pay Money Transfer Apk

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update the Prank pay?

Prank Pay is a third-party app. if its developer launches its updated version, it will be available on our website.

How much does this app cost

It is an entirely free application, it doesn’t require any payment or subscription to download

Is it safe for our devices?

Yes, this application is 100% safe for any device. it doesn’t harm your devices

Is it available on the App Store or Google Play Store?

It is a third-party application. Third-party applications are not available on the App Store or Google Play Store. To download these applications you have to access a third-party website like