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Prank Payment Apk Download For Android/IOS (2024)

Prank Payment Apk Download For Android/IOS (2024)

In today’s digital era, when everything has gone online, the way to prank people has also become digital. To keep this in mind, Prank Payment APK has been created. This is such a funny tool which helps in creating fake payment transaction receipt. Prank Payment APK is for those people who want to play harmless pranks with their friends or family. Today in this article we will talk about the use of Prank Payment APK, understand its top features, And also learn about some alternative applications which provide similar features.

Prank Payment Apk

Prank Payment APK is an app that can create fake payment receipts that look exactly like the original. You can create a payment screenshot in this app by adding all the details like date, number, and name of the person on whom payment receipt is to be made.

With the help of this app, you will show that you are sending money, but in reality not a single penny will go out of your pocket. Just for fun, without any harm. Imagine, you went out with your friend, the bill came and took out your phone, ran the Prank Payment APK made a fake transaction receipt, and said ‘Look, I have paid the bill’, and your friend is surprised!

But only you will know that actually it was not spent that much. The whole game is fake, but the fun is real! There are many other apps and websites on the internet which create fake payment screenshots, but honestly, they cannot be compared to Prank Payment APK.

Get the Prank Payment Apk through the download link provided below. In case you face any issues with our download button, please leave a comment, and we will update the link for you.

Apk Information

Name Prank Payment Apk
Version v5.5
Size 11 MB
Requirements Android 4.4+
Original Version Available On
last updated December 2023

Download and Installation Process

  • First download the Prank Payment Apk from a trusted source like Once downloaded, install the app on your device.
  • Before installation, it will ask you to go to Security Settings and enable the “Install Apps From Unknown Sources” option, enable this
  • After Installation open the app and start using it.

How to Create Fake Payment Screenshots?

If you are creating fake receipts for the first time then this section will be very helpful for you.

  1. Select the Payment App: First of all, choose a famous payment app like Paytm, Amazon Pay, Google Pay or PhonePe. With this, you can start making screenshots.
  2. Enter Suspect Details: Then, after selecting the app, enter the details of the person you want to prank with the fake payment screenshot. This includes name, phone number, transaction number, date, and time.
  3. Customize Settings: To make the fake screenshot look more realistic, enter your fictitious wallet balance and wallet transaction ID in the app’s advanced settings. These details can be generated in a random manner so that the real transaction can appear similar.
  4. Submit and Capture: After customizing all the settings, submit the following information, and a fake transaction receipt will be generated. Take a screenshot of this fake receipt and use it to prank your friends or family.
  5. Enhance Realism: To make the prank more realistic, put a profile picture on the account. This will make the actual transaction more clear and your friends and family will have more fun.
Prank Payment Apk

Apk Features

Application Interface

  • This application provides an easy and user-friendly interface, which looks like real payment receipts, making the experience of creating fake payment screenshots even more fun.

Customizable Details

  • Here you can enter your preferred payment amount, transaction date, and receiver details. Which has made the receipts even more original.

Free To Use

  • Prank Payment Apk can be used absolutely free. You don’t have to pay any money for this, so be careful if any website asks money to download or use the app.
Prank Payment apk

No Account Needed

  • There is no need for any kind of account to use Prank Payment App. You can download it directly and use it immediately. Anyone can use it easily.

Multiple Currency Options

  • The app has the option of different currencies around the world, so you can prank anyone worldwide. Be it dollar, euro, pound or any other currency, you can choose it in the app.

Variety of Templates

  • The application also provides different types of templates so that users can create their own fake payment receipts by experimenting with different styles and designs, giving you even more space for creativity and personalization.
Prank Payment Apk

Safe and secure

  • Prank Payment is absolutely safe and secure, it fully respects the user’s privacy and ensures that your personal data does not reach others. This app is used only for innocent pranks, for fun, not to cause harm. But remember, if you misuse this app, you can get into trouble with the law. This app is only for entertainment.

Feedback Mechanism

  • There is also an option to give feedback in this app, where users can share their experiences and give suggestions to improve the app. This allows a participatory and customer-centric approach to app development.

Unlimited receipts

  • Prank Payment Apk gives you the option to create multiple fake payment receipts. This apk is absolutely perfect for those people who like to prank their all friends and family members.
Prank Payment Apk

Prank History

There is a feature in the app which stores the history of the pranks done by you. This means you can go back whenever you want and relive a magical moment that you have created yourself.

Prank Sharing Options

With Prank Payment APK, you can easily share the created fake payment screenshots directly with your friends and family, which makes the pranking experience even more entertaining.

No Internet Requirement

Prank Payment APK also works without internet. That means you can prank your friends anywhere, anytime, even without internet, and surprise them.

Top 5 Alternatives Apps

Prank Payment APK is unique, but there are other apps in the market which come with similar fun features.

Prank Pay APK

  • This app gives you the facility to share screenshots of fake money transfer with friends and family, so that you can do fun pranks.

FakePay – Money Transfer Prank

  • Through this app, users can play fun pranks by creating screenshots of fake money transfers.

Fake Payment Screenshot Maker

  • Like Prank Payment APK, this app also allows users to create fake payment screenshots, so that they can create funny interactions.

Prank Fakepay FakeMoney UPI QR

  • This app allows users to share screenshots of fake money transfers with their contacts, to add a fun touch to social interactions.

Money Transfer Prank

  • This application offers a modifiable platform where users can create and share screenshots of fake money transfers for fun.


In conclusion, all I can say is that Prank Payment App and its alternatives bring a unique combination of humor and usefulness. This app is for those who want a little humor and fun in their daily digital life. But remember, these applications are used only for entertainment. Always use them responsibly and make sure that your pranks do not harm anyone and are done in good spirit.

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