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Review of the New Montana, USA Map in Farming Simulator 22

Review of the New Montana, USA Map in Farming Simulator 22

Today I am going to tell you about the new map of Farming Simulator 22, Lomma Montana. This new map is based on the beautiful lands of Montana, USA and to be honest, it has everything a virtual farmer could need. Lomma Montana traces its origins to Lewis and Clark’s historical Missouri River journey.

There is a touch of realism in it along with historical significance. When you start your farming journey in Lomma Montana, you’ll be treated to a vast open farm, intricate details and a rich historical past. All this makes Nakashe different from other farming simulation games.

Overview of Key Features and Details

The new map of Farming Simulator 22 gives players a gaming experience filled with many special features and blessings. This map has open fields, historical landmarks, and a lot of places to explore. Players can customize realistic farm layouts, detailed machinery sheds and vehicle options, all within the game.

This game also has a rail system to transport the grains, which gives a different touch to the gameplay. As players roam the map, they will encounter opportunities for farming, such as rearing animals and growing crops. The care taken in the design of farms, buildings, and landscapes clearly shows how hard the creators have tried to create the experience of a true and cultivated farm.

Exploration of Farming Opportunities in Lomma Montana

In Lomma Montana, you will find a variety of human farming methods that cover different aspects of farming. Just remember that when we talk about animal husbandry, players can arrange cattle station, hay store and grain storage here. With special features of animal husbandry operations on this map, taking care of animals and taking care of their health becomes a unique experience for players.

Montana USA Map Review

What’s more, by including special soil types in the game – which affect crop production depending on the soil type and terrain – the reality has been made even more complicated. Players will have to think about their farming style, such as where the farm is located, what type of soil it has, and what the environmental conditions of the vehicle are like, so that they can improve their crop production.

Community Feedback and Reactions

Lomma Montana has spread a new wave and hope to the gaming community with Farming Simulator 22. Players are curious about the map’s unique locations, its powerful design, and its history-related objects, which show how much hard work and thought the creators put in. These features like special soil type, facilities for animals and farming in open fields are liked by everyone because it gives a unique and immersive farming experience.

The players have greatly appreciated the special advice given on crop cultivation and animal management on the map. The courageous actions taken by the people of the community and making the map players feel accepted are a great example of fully including them in the virtual world Lomma Montana.

Montana USA Map Review

As players explore Nakashe more deeply and engage with it, the community’s response is proof that Nakashe has provided a rigorous and realistic farming simulation experience. And for the latest updates and news about Lomma Montana, stay tuned to our ongoing blog in the Farming Simulator 22 community.


In Lomma Montana, Farming Simulator 22 will give you a deep and real farming experience in the beautiful landscape of Montana, USA. In this map you will find many well-built stories, different types of farming scenarios and also some information related to history, which is liked by the people who play it.

Players will get a chance to build a farm on the lines of a real farm, take care of animals, and plan and run their farm in this dynamic virtual world. The Lomma Montana map showcases the genius and accomplishments of those who created it, and provides players with a rewarding and realistic farming simulation experience.