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How To Get XP In FIFA 23 ( Five Best Method )

How To Get XP In FIFA 23 ( Five Best Method )

FIFA 23 has come out with lots of cool stuff. One of the most frequently asked question that players really asked is how to get XP In FIFA 23. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at games or just starting, figuring out how to get XP can make your playing better.

You can earn XP by finishing challenges and goals, and by joining fun events. This article will help you understand how to get more XP. So, grab your controller, tie your shoes, and get ready to start your big journey to become great at FIFA!

What is XP in FIFA 23

XP stands for (Experience point). These are the in-game points that are used to upgrade your game level and player’s card. XP has always been really important in FIFA games. In FIFA 23, XP is even more crucial. It decides how your player gets better and their abilities improve. It also affects how your virtual athlete develops overall. 

FIFA 23 has a new feature called dynamic career modes. Here, XP plays a vital role in shaping your player’s story. Everything you do, like practicing, playing matches, and even making choices off the field, you can earn XP points.

These points directly make your player grow. This helps you see your player getting better and lets you choose their abilities based on how you like to play.

How To Get XP In FIFA 23 ( Five Best Method )

How To Get XP In FIFA 23

The five best methods to get XP in FIFA 23 are given below

Playing Career Mode

Playing the Career mode in FIFA 23 gives your player a big XP boost. This special game mode provides an opportunity to get max XP points. As you move forward in the Career mode, finish tasks, and make important choices, you’ll earn XP that makes your player better.

The Career mode is awesome for getting more XP because it’s different from the regular gameplay. Instead of just playing match after match or doing training, you get a story that’s well-made and has emotional moments and cool characters. This immersive experience adds depth and meaning to your player’s journey towards becoming a soccer legend in the game.

Complete Weekly Objective

Completing weekly Objectives in FIFA 23 is also the best way to earn bonus experience points and level up your game. These Objectives provide players with a variety of challenges to complete within a set timeframe, This option will add an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience.

The Challenge may be anything such as scoring five goals with a specific player or winning three matches in a row, each objective is designed to test your skills and push you towards improvement.

Online Matches

Participating in online matches is a thrilling way to earn XP rewards in FIFA 23. Not only does it add an extra layer of intensity and competition, but it also offers substantial benefits for your player’s progression.

With each online match, you have the opportunity to accumulate XP that can be used to upgrade your player’s attributes, unlock new skills, and enhance overall performance on the virtual pitch.

How To Get XP In FIFA 23 Five Best Method

Training Sessions

You can use training sessions to get more XP and make your FIFA 23 game better! Most of the people used to just play games one after another without really thinking.

They hoped to get experience points that way. But now, training sessions help you learn specific things and earn XP at the same time. It’s like focusing on getting better at certain things instead of just playing a lot.

Skill Games

One of the best ways to gain extra experience points in FIFA 23 is by taking advantage of skill games. Skill games are like a bunch of small games that help you practice and get rewards.

These games don’t just add more fun, but they also help you move up levels faster. This is also one of the best ways to get XP in FIFA 23.

How To Get XP In FIFA 23


In conclusion, maximizing your XP in FIFA 23 is essential to improving your player’s stats and overall performance. By consistently completing objectives, participating in events and challenges, and engaging with the new game features. In this guide, We tell you all about the XP (Experience points) of FIFA 23.

To know everything we suggest you read the complete article. If you have any other questions related to FIFA 23 or any other app or game, feel free to ask us in the comment box. We will write a detailed article on your question to solve your problem. And Don’t Forget To share this article with your friends.

Frequently Asked Question

Why am I not getting XP on FIFA 23?

Most of the XP is getting from the objective. If you’re not completing any objective you will not get any XP.

What is the fastest way to get XP in FIFA 23?

Completing Objective and Career Mode is one of the Fastest ways to get XP in FIFA 23. This will help you to boost your XP speed.

Do drafts give XP in FIFA 23?

Yes, the draft will also give you XP. Just Play Play 6 Offline or Online Draft Matches and Win 1 of those to earn yourself 3,750 XP

Do you get XP from playing games in FIFA 23?

It doesn’t provide XP directly If there are any daily objectives like “completing one game or scoring a few goals” If you complete this objective in the match, you can earn around 50 to 100 XP.