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Instagram Gold Apk Latest Version 7.0 Download For Android/IOS (2024)

Instagram Gold Apk Latest Version 7.0 Download For Android/IOS (2024)

Instagram Gold APK is not your ordinary Instagram app. It is a modified version of the original Instagram application that has extra features that you cannot see in the official app. This version, created by third-party developers, aims to improve your user experience, giving you more control and customization options over your Instagram interface and interactions, although it is unofficial, but it is still very popular. It’s meant for people who want their Instagram experience to be better than just a simple app.

What Is Instagram Gold Apk?

If you want to improve your social media experience, then Instagram Gold APK is made especially for you. Through this app, you will be able to fine adjust your privacy settings, adjust the quality of photos and videos, and have more control over how your content is displayed and how people interact with it.

The entire focus of Instagram Gold APK is to give you a rich and personalized experience. This way you can set up your Instagram as per your personal preferences and needs.

However, keep in mind, these modified versions will not be available on your official app stores like Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To download them you will have to go to third-party websites.

And we can proudly say that only verified mods and APKs are offered on our website. We ensure that whatever you download from here is absolutely safe. So to get the hassle-free download you want, just use our website.

To Get the Modified App tap on the download link provided below. If you face any issues with our download button, please comment, and we will update the link for you.

Apk Information

Name Instagram Gold Apk
Version 7.0
Size 62.8
Requirements Android 4.4+
Last Updated December 2023


How to install This Apk for Android

  • Click on the download button
  • After completion, Install the app on your device
  • Before installing it will ask you to go to Security Settings and enable the “Install Apps From Unknown Sources” option.
  • Enable this option and then tap on install to install the app into your device.

Apk Features

Here are the some latest features of Instagram Gold Apk.

Download Media Files

When it comes to enhancing the Instagram experience, Instagram Gold APK comes with some features that might interest you. In this you can download media files like photos, videos, stories, and IGTV videos directly to your phone, without any external app or website.

Instagram gold apk

View Photos in Detail

You can view any photo better, and even access profile pictures in full size. This feature also gives you the facility to download profile pictures.

Real-Time Notification

With real-time notifications, you will get instant updates on your Instagram activity, and you will not need to refresh the feed again and again.

Hide Story View

If you want to watch someone’s story secretly, Instagram Gold APK also has a hide story view feature which makes your privacy even better.

Business Features

Talking about business features, this APK provides features for influencers and business people like adding direct product links, creating shoppable posts, and tracking conversions.

These functionalities can greatly boost your Instagram marketing approach, simplifying the shopping process for your followers and enabling you to observe your followers’ behavior.


Different modified versions contain plenty of ads that disturb the user experience. But You will not find ads in this version, which ensures an ad-free experience.

Custom Interface

Through the Custom Interface feature, you can design your Instagram interface as per your convenience by selecting different themes.

Copy Comments and Bio’s

In the Original Instagram app, you cannot copy other people’s bios and comments, but Instagram Gold APK solves this problem. In this you can easily copy-paste and can also translate the text into the language of your choice with the auto-translation feature.

Utilize Many Tools

The app comes with a variety of tools that enhance the user experience, such as quick access buttons and advanced search options.

Secure and Free

This APK is absolutely free and safe. Always use trusted sources when downloading, like, so you can avoid any risks.

Instagram gold apk

Top 5 Alternative Apps

GB Instagram

  • This also has almost the same features as Instagram Gold. Like you can download media files directly and improve the privacy of your account.


  • If you like to personalize your Instagram, then this is the right choice for you. It has themes, and also has advanced downloading options.


  • This app focuses on privacy, meaning you can hide your online status and view anyone’s stories without them knowing.


  • This app brings the look and feel of the new times. Besides, it also provides the facility to download the content and customize the app.


  • With this app you can directly download media and run two Instagram accounts on one device without any attention.


In conclusion, Instagram Gold APK is one of the best modified versions currently available on the internet. In this you will not see ads, you will get the facility to download photos and videos directly, and you can also customize your app as per your requirement. This is a gift for those users who want something more from their app.

But at the same time, one important thing you all need to remember is that it also comes with the risks of privacy and the danger of breaking the terms of service. These unofficial apps provide advanced features, but users will have to compare the benefits and disadvantages of both sides according to the society. This means that there has to be a balance between a better Instagram experience and online safety and following the rules.

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