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Prank Bank Apk Latest Version Download For Android/IOS (2024)

Prank Bank Apk Latest Version Download For Android/IOS (2024)

In this article, we are going to tell you about a funny application, whose name is Prank Bank Apk. This is a mobile application that looks like an original banking application. Imagine, you want to have some fun with your friends, so you can use this app to show fake balance and even generate fake transactions. This app is becoming so popular because it is capable of doing very tricky pranks without any harm. So let’s read a little more about this entertaining app.

What is Prank Bank Apk?

In today’s digital age, the ways of having fun have also become digital. Prank Bank APK is like a digital playground, where you can prank your friends, family or office colleagues without any harm. Imagine if you are creating content on social media or want to add some humor to a stressful situation, this app is perfect.

But there is a line between friendship and fun that should never be crossed. Always remember that don’t hurt anyone’s heart, don’t let the barrier of honor be broken. and also don’t use this app for any illegal activity. If you use this app illegally, whatever will happen to you, we are not responsible.

Download link

The download process is very easy Just tap the Download button below or Visit to download Prank Bank APK for Free

Apk Information

Name Prank Bank Apk
Version v2.0.7
Size 8.2 MB
Requirements Android 5+
Original Version Not Available
Mod Fake Receipt  Maker


Apk Features

Here are some key features of Prank Bank Apk.

Fake Balance and Transactions

  • By using this feature, you can surprise your friends by adding the desired amount in your fake account and create an impression of amazing wealth. And also, the receipt of fake transaction can also be shown on the app. You can decide the date, amount, details etc. all by yourself.

Customizable Interface

  • The interface looks exactly like the original bank app, with the ability to change the colors and design to suit your style.

Easy to Use

  • This app is so easy that anyone can use it easily. Just a little setting and start using the app!

Fake Account Balance

  • If you want to show your friends how rich you are, then create your account balance and transaction history, and show your friends how rich you are.

Fake Transaction Receipt

  • The main purpose of this app is to create fake transaction receipts. Just enter some fake details and press “transfer” button and your receipt will be created.

Currency Customization

  • This app also gives you the freedom to choose your currency, this app mainly has 50 plus different currency options available. With this feature you can prank even international people.

Prank Planning

  • Most amazing thing is that now you can also schedule the prank to start tomorrow, tomorrow, whenever you want.

Top 5 Alternatives

Fake Bank Account Pro

  • Through this app, you can design a simulated bank account as per your requirement, and have fun showing fake balance and transactions in it.


  • With Billdu you can trick your friends by creating professional looking invoices and receipts, making them think that maybe this is the real deal.

Easy Budget

  • Through Easy Budget app, you can easily prank your friends by pretending to manage your expenses, they will think that you are really saving money.

Money Lover

  • By using this app, you can show off your financial planning and make your friends believe that your financial condition is very strong.

CashApp Prank

  • With CashApp Prank you can generate fake payment proofs that look so real that anyone can be fooled for a good prank.


In conclusion Prank Bank is a unique and fun-filled app that allows you to trick people into money matters in a light and simple way. It is very easy to use and you can change its features as per your requirement, so that it becomes even more fun.

But remember, always use such apps responsibly and always respect the freedom and boundaries of the people you are joking with. If you face any difficulties while using the app, you can reach us through your comments.

This app should be used only for pranks and not for any illegal activities. It’s okay to be joking, but don’t forget to follow the law.

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