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GTA 10 Apk Latest Version Download For Android/IOS (2024)

GTA 10 Apk Latest Version Download For Android/IOS (2024)

The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, developed by Rockstar North, has been a cornerstone in the realm of action-adventure games for decades. The latest buzz in the gaming community revolves around GTA 10 APK, an exciting installment that promises to redefine the open-world genre. This blog post will delve into the gameplay, highlight ten unique features, and also introduce you to five alternative apps that are currently available

GTA 10 Apk

The gameplay of GTA 10 APK remains true to the franchise’s roots, offering players a sprawling urban sandbox to explore, teeming with missions, side quests, and hidden treasures. Players can assume various roles, from hardened criminals to vigilante heroes, and interact with a host of characters, each with their unique backstories and quests.

The game offers an impressive level of freedom, allowing players to approach missions in their preferred style – be it stealth, brute force, or strategic planning. The diverse and dynamic cityscape serves as the perfect backdrop for high-speed chases, intense gunfights, and thrilling heist sequences.

The download link for This game is given below. tap on the link to start the download. If the download link is not working contact us in the comment box we will update the download link 

Apk Information

NameGTA 10 Apk
Size54 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5+
Original VersionNot Available
Release DateMay 2023



Immersive Storyline

  • The game presents a complex narrative filled with intriguing characters and plot twists, keeping players hooked.

Dynamic Open World

  • The city evolves in real time, responding to player actions and making the world feel alive.

Vehicle Variety

  • From sports cars to helicopters, the game boasts a vast array of vehicles for players to commandeer.

Character Customization

  • Players can customize their character’s appearance and skills, tailoring their playstyle to their preference.

Rich Soundtrack

  • The game features a diverse soundtrack with radio stations spanning multiple genres.

Co-op Mode

  • Players can team up with friends for cooperative missions and heists.

Realistic Physics

  • The game’s physics engine adds a layer of realism to the actions and movements.

In-depth Economy

  • Players can engage in various side hustles, from real estate to stock trading.


  • Diverse mini-games like golf, tennis, and poker add extra layers of fun.

Next-Gen Graphics

  • The game offers stunningly realistic graphics, bringing the city and its inhabitants to life.

GTA 10 Apk Requirements

  1.  Android 5.0+
  2. 1.8 GHz processor or higher.
  3.  Require 2Gb Ram
  4. You can also download it on a 1GB Ram device But the game will lag on that.
  5. Require 100MB of internal storage
  6. For Online Connection, It will need Wifi or Mobile Data

Top 5 Alternatives App

Mafia City

  • An immersive crime-themed game offering a mix of strategy and RPG elements. Players can build their criminal empire, recruit gang members, and wage wars against rival gangs.

Gangstar Vegas

  • Set in a vibrant open world, players can indulge in a life of crime, complete thrilling missions, and participate in high-octane racing events.

Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox

  • This game features a variety of modes including racing, tank battles, and gang wars. It offers a dynamic environment with interactive elements.

MadOut2 BigCityOnline

  • It offers a vast open-world environment for players to explore and cause mayhem. It includes over 40 types of cars and extensive customization options.

Real Gangster Crime

  • Set in a sprawling city, this game features exciting missions, a wide range of weapons, and various vehicles to drive.


In conclusion, GTA 10 APK is a thrilling addition to the iconic franchise, offering an immersive open-world experience with advanced features and stunning graphics. While there are other alternative games available, the unique offerings of GTA 10 APK make it a standout choice for fans of action-adventure games. Buckle up for an unforgettable gaming journey in the heart of the GTA universe!

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