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GTA 9 Apk Download For Android/IOS (2024)

GTA 9 Apk Download For Android/IOS (2024)

GTA, an acronym for Grand Theft Auto, is a long-standing and acclaimed series of action-adventure games. The series, developed by Rockstar Games, is renowned for its immersive open-world environments, engaging storylines, and exhilarating gameplay mechanics that offer players a taste of the criminal underworld.

As of today, the most recent installment in the series is GTA V, but there’s growing buzz about GTA 9 APK, a version tailored for Android devices. Let’s dive into the world of GTA 9 APK to understand its gameplay, and explore its features.

GTA 9 Apk

The heart of the Grand Theft Auto series lies in its captivating gameplay, which weaves together elements of action, adventure, and role-playing. In GTA 9, players can expect a rich array of missions, ranging from thrilling robberies, high-speed races, intense death matches to cooperative challenges. The game also offers sports competitions and custom maps, ensuring there’s always something new to explore and experience.

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Apk Information

NameGTA 9 Apk
Size1.7 GB
RequirementsAndroid 5+
Original VersionNot Available



Immersive Open World

  • Like its predecessors, GTA 9 promises an expansive open-world environment where players can freely roam and interact.

Diverse Missions

  • Players can engage in a variety of missions, including robberies, races, death matches, and cooperative challenges.

Sports Competitions

  • For those looking for a break from the criminal activities, the game offers sports competitions.

Custom Maps

  • These allow players to create their own unique challenges and missions.

Real-time Reflections

  • This feature enhances the visual appeal of the game, making it more realistic.

Car Destruction

  • GTA 9 features detailed car destruction, adding another layer of realism to the game.

Fan-made Simulations

  • These are designed to simulate several aspects of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Safe Downloads

  • The game can be downloaded without any viruses, ensuring player safety.


  • GTA 9 APK is available on any device, including phones, tablets, and PCs.

Dedicated Fandom

  • A dedicated fandom app is available for download, providing a platform for fans to engage and share their experiences.

System Requirement

  • 1.88 GHz or higher processor required
  • Internal Storage Required: 2 GB
  • Minimum RAM Required 3GB
  • Internet for the online connection

Top 5 Alternatives to GTA 9 Apk

While we wait for GTA 9, there are several alternative action-adventure games available on the market:

Grand Theft Auto V

  • This is the latest official release from Rockstar Games, featuring an open-world environment and diverse gameplay options.


  • A free fan-made project that simulates various aspects of GTA 5.

GTA Online Shark Cards

  • A part of Rockstar’s GTA series, this online multiplayer version offers a variety of missions and modes.

Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Another offering from Rockstar Games, this companion app allows players to explore the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 on their mobile devices.

FANDOM for: GTA 2.9.8

  • This app provides a platform for GTA fans to engage, discuss, and share their experiences.


In Conclusion, GTA 9 APK is set to take the renowned Grand Theft Auto series to new heights. With its anticipated features and immersive gameplay, it’s poised to redefine mobile gaming. For now only a fan made version is launched. So As we await for its official release, numerous alternatives offer comparable experiences, ensuring we’re never short of action-packed adventure.

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