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How To Sell Hay Bales In Farming Simulator 22 (Guide)

How To Sell Hay Bales In Farming Simulator 22 (Guide)

Farming Simulator 22 has taken the virtual farming experience to a whole new level, allowing players to engage in various tasks essential to running a successful farm. One such task is selling hay bales, which can be a profitable project if done right. In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to sell hay bales in Farming Simulator 22.

How To Sell Hay Bales In Farming Simulator 22?

Harvest and Baling

The first step to selling hay bales is, of course, producing them. Before you can sell hay bales, you need to harvest the appropriate crops, such as grass or straw, using the appropriate machinery.

After the crops are ready, you will need a baler to create hay bales. There are several types of balers available, such as round balers or square balers. Each has its own advantages and considerations depending on the size and shape of the bales you prefer.

Storage and Transport

After baling, you will need to store the hay bales in a suitable area. Investing in a barn or shed can provide protection against weather conditions and keep your hay bales in good condition. Additionally, make sure to stack the bales neatly to optimize space.

When it comes to transporting hay bales, you have several options. Using a front loader or a forklift attachment, you can easily load the bales onto a flatbed trailer or a bale transporter. Alternatively, you can use specialized bale trailers that are designed to transport hay bales safely and efficiently.

Finding Potential Buyers

Once you have a collection of hay bales ready for sale, it’s time to find potential buyers. In Farming Simulator 22, you can check the map for locations that accept hay bales. These locations can be found at designated selling points, such as livestock farms, biogas plants, or even directly at the barn.

Where to sell bales in Farming Simulator 22?

To sell your bales in Farming Simulator 22, you need to head to the southern part of the map where you will find the Heating Plant. Look for the corner entrance and enter the building to sell your bales

Selling Methods

There are different ways to sell your hay bales in Farming Simulator 22, each with its own advantages and considerations:

Selling at Livestock Farms

  • Many livestock farms are willing to purchase hay bales to feed their animals. You can either transport the bales directly to the farm or use a loading wagon to deliver them efficiently.

Selling to Biogas Plants

  • Biogas plants accept various organic materials to produce renewable energy. Some biogas plants in Farming Simulator 22 will buy hay bales, providing you with another selling option.


  • Occasionally, contracts may appear on your in-game interface, requesting a specific number of hay bales. Completing these contracts can be a rewarding way to sell your hay bales and earn extra income.

Optimizing Profit

To maximize your profit from selling hay bales, consider the following tips:


  • Keep an eye on market demand and prices to sell your hay bales when the market is favorable. Prices may fluctuate, so being patient and strategic can help you secure a better deal.

Quality Control

  • Ensure that your hay bales are of high quality by storing them properly and avoiding damage during transportation. Buyers are more likely to pay a premium for well-preserved hay bales.


  • Use the appropriate machinery and equipment to streamline your operations. Invest in tools such as balers, loaders, or trailers that can handle larger quantities, reducing time and effort.


Selling hay bales in Farming Simulator 22 can be a profitable venture if you follow the right steps and make informed decisions. From harvesting and baling to finding buyers and optimizing profit, this guide has provided you with the essential information to succeed in this aspect of the game. So, gear up, hop on your virtual tractor, and start selling those hay bales for a thriving farm!

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