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How to reset vehicles in Farming Simulator 2022 (FS22)

How to reset vehicles in Farming Simulator 2022 (FS22)

In the vast and immersive world of Farming Simulator 2022, navigating through fields, managing crops, and operating various vehicles is a key aspect of the gameplay experience. However, as with any simulation game, there are moments when vehicles may get stuck or encounter obstacles that hinder progress. In such situations, knowing how to effectively reset vehicles becomes essential to maintain efficiency on the farm.

Resetting vehicles in Farming Simulator 2022 is a valuable skill that can save time and prevent frustration when faced with challenges such as overturned trailers, stuck tractors, or misplaced equipment. By understanding the different methods and techniques available for resetting vehicles, players can quickly get back on track and continue their farming operations smoothly.

How To Reset Vehicles In Farming Simulator 2022

Check out below Four easy methods to reset a vehicle in Farming Simulator 2022

Note: Remember All those methods that are used for resetting the vehicle in the farming simulator 2022 will lose all of the work that are you doing before the vehicle stuck. Make sure to save your gameplay on every point and do your farm work with full focus,

Using the In-Game Map

One of the primary methods to reset vehicles in Farming Simulator 2022 is through the use of the in-game map. By accessing the map interface, players can easily locate their stuck or misplaced vehicles and initiate the resetting process. This method provides a visual representation of the farm layout, allowing players to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle in need of resetting.

Note: Keep in mind that your vehicle will respawn at the shop where you repair your machinery. You have to travel back to the location wherever you working from the shop.

Using the Reset Button

Another efficient way to reset vehicles in Farming Simulator 2022 is by utilizing the reset button within the game interface. By selecting the vehicle that requires resetting and activating the reset function, players can instantly transport the vehicle back to the shop or a designated location. This straightforward method helps players quickly resolve issues and continue their farming activities without unnecessary delays.

Resetting Vehicles Stuck in Specific Situations

In Farming Simulator 2022, vehicles can get stuck in various challenging situations, such as on train tracks, in water bodies, or against obstacles. When faced with these specific scenarios, players can follow specialized resetting procedures to free the vehicles and resume normal operations. Understanding how to reset vehicles in unique circumstances ensures that players can overcome obstacles effectively and maintain productivity on the farm.

Using Another Vehicle

In Farming Simulator 22, players commonly use a second vehicle to free a stuck one. They position the second vehicle strategically, connect it to the stuck one using an in-game rope or chain, and then use it to push or pull the stuck vehicle free. This method is preferred over resetting as it allows players to save any loaded crops or supplies.

Tips and Considerations When Resetting Vehicles

Evaluate the Situation

Before initiating the vehicle reset process in Farming Simulator 2022, it is essential to assess the situation carefully. Determine the reason why the vehicle is stuck or needs resetting to choose the most appropriate method for resolving the issue.

Use Reset Sparingly

While the reset function can be a convenient tool for freeing stuck vehicles, it is advisable to use it sparingly. Overusing the reset feature may detract from the realism and challenge of the gameplay experience. Try alternative methods first before resorting to resetting.

Consider the Location

When resetting vehicles, consider where you want the vehicle to be relocated. Whether back to the shop for maintenance, to a specific field for continued work, or to a designated parking area, ensure that the new location aligns with your farming objectives.

Check for Attachments

If your vehicle has attachments or implements, remember that these may also need to be reset individually. Ensure that all components of the vehicle are accounted for and properly reset to avoid any discrepancies during gameplay.

Learn from Mistakes

Each instance of resetting a vehicle in Farming Simulator 2022 provides an opportunity to learn and improve. Analyze why the vehicle got stuck or misplaced to prevent similar incidents in the future and enhance your farming skills.

By following these tips and considerations when resetting vehicles in Farming Simulator 2022, players can effectively manage challenges, maintain realism in gameplay, and optimize their farming operations.


In conclusion, mastering the art of resetting vehicles in Farming Simulator 2022 is essential for overcoming challenges, maintaining efficiency, and enhancing the overall gaming experience. By utilizing strategic methods, considering key factors, and embracing opportunities for learning, players can navigate obstacles effectively and optimize their farming operations. With a mindful approach and a focus on improvement, players can enjoy a more rewarding and immersive gameplay adventure in the world of Farming Simulator 2022.

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