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How To Feed Cows In Farming Simulator 19 (FS 19)

How To Feed Cows In Farming Simulator 19 (FS 19)

Feeding cows in Farming Simulator 19 is a crucial aspect of managing your virtual farm effectively. Caring for your cows involves providing them with the necessary nutrition to ensure their health and productivity. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of feeding cows in the game, from acquiring the required materials to optimizing your feeding strategy for maximum efficiency. Let’s delve into the world of virtual farming and explore the ins and outs of How To Feed Cows In Farming Simulator 19.

How To Feed Cows In Farming Simulator 19

Feeds Cows in Farming Simulator 19 requires a variety of essential materials to meet their nutritional needs and optimize their productivity. Understanding the significance of each material and how they contribute to the overall health and well-being of your virtual herd is key to successful cow management in the game.

Purchasing Cows

Before you start feeding your cows, you need to buy them. To purchase cows, navigate to the Animal Dealer and select the cow icon. The price per cow varies depending on the breed. Once you’ve made your selections, your cows will appear in the cow pasture.

Materials Needed to Feed Cows


Straw serves a dual purpose in Farming Simulator 19. Firstly, it is used as bedding for the cows, providing them with a comfortable resting area. Secondly, straw is a crucial component of the Total Mixed Ration (TMR) mixture, which is essential for maximizing cow productivity.


Silage is fermented grass that plays a significant role in the TMR mixture. It provides essential nutrients to the cows and helps enhance their milk production and overall well-being.


Hay is another key component of the TMR mixture, Incorporating hay into the feeding routine provides the cows with essential nutrients and helps maintain their health and productivity. Balancing the hay intake with other feed materials is essential for meeting the cows’ dietary requirements.


Water is a fundamental requirement for the cows, essential for keeping them hydrated and supporting various bodily functions. Ensuring access to clean water is crucial for their overall well-being.

By understanding the roles and importance of these materials in feeding cows in Farming Simulator 19, you can effectively manage your virtual herd and ensure their health and productivity. Proper utilization of these materials is key to creating a successful and thriving farm in the game.

Feeding Process in Farming Simulator 19

Acquiring Feed Materials

Before you can feed your cows, you need to acquire the essential feed materials such as straw, silage, hay, and water. These materials can be obtained through various in-game activities like harvesting crops, baling hay, fermenting grass into silage, and providing water troughs for hydration.

Preparing Total Mixed Ration (TMR)

Total Mixed Ration (TMR) is a balanced mixture of feed materials that provides the cows with all the necessary nutrients for optimal productivity. To prepare TMR, you need to combine straw, silage, and hay in the correct proportions using a mixer wagon or feeding machine.

Feeding the Cows

Approach the cow enclosure with the prepared TMR in your feeding equipment. Use the dump function to release the TMR into the cows’ feeding area. Ensure that each cow has access to the feed to meet their nutritional requirements.

Supplementing with Hay and Grass

In addition to TMR, you can supplement the cows’ diet with hay and grass. While TMR provides a balanced mix of nutrients, offering hay and grass can further enhance the cows’ diet and overall well-being. These supplementary feeds can be directly dumped into the feeding area for the cows to consume.

Providing Water

Regularly check and refill the water troughs in the cow enclosure to ensure that the cows have access to clean and fresh water. Adequate hydration is essential for the cows’ health, digestion, and milk production.

Monitoring Productivity

Keep an eye on the cows’ productivity levels, which can be influenced by their diet and overall care. By providing a balanced diet and ensuring all their nutritional needs are met, you can maximize the cows’ productivity and profitability on your virtual farm.

Maximizing Productivity from Cows

Quality Feed

Providing high-quality feed, such as well-prepared Total Mixed Ration (TMR) with the right proportions of straw, silage, and hay, is essential for maximizing cow productivity. Ensure that the feed materials are fresh, properly mixed, and readily available to the cows.

Regular Feeding

Maintain a consistent feeding schedule to ensure that the cows receive their required nutrients at regular intervals. Regular feeding helps keep the cows healthy, promotes milk production, and supports overall productivity.


Ensure that the cows have access to clean water at all times. Proper hydration is crucial for their health, digestion, and milk production. Regularly check and refill water troughs to prevent dehydration and maximize productivity.


Managing the breeding process can help increase the size of your herd and improve productivity over time. By selectively breeding high-quality cows with desirable traits, you can enhance the overall productivity of your virtual farm.


Monitor the health of your cows regularly and address any health issues promptly. Providing veterinary care, treating illnesses, and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment can help prevent diseases and ensure the well-being of your livestock, leading to higher productivity.

Efficient Management

Optimize your farm management practices to streamline operations and maximize efficiency. This includes organizing feeding routines, cleaning the cow enclosure regularly, and investing in equipment upgrades to enhance productivity and profitability.

By implementing these strategies and paying attention to the key factors that influence cow productivity, you can effectively manage your virtual herd in Farming Simulator 19 and achieve higher levels of success and profitability in your farming endeavors.


In conclusion, effective cow management in Farming Simulator 19 involves providing quality feed, maintaining regular feeding schedules, ensuring proper hydration, strategic breeding, healthcare management, efficient farm practices, and continuous productivity monitoring. By focusing on these key aspects, players can optimize their virtual herd’s health and productivity, leading to a successful and rewarding farming experience in the game.

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