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How To Do Antony Spin in FIFA 23 – Full Guide

How To Do Antony Spin in FIFA 23 – Full Guide

In FIFA 23, there’s a special move called the Antony Spin that players really like. It’s named after David Neres, who plays for Ajax and is really fast and exciting. Learning this move can help players do better in the game. So, get ready to learn how to do the Antony Spin in FIFA 23 and become really good at it!

What is Antony Spin in FIFA 23?

Antony Spin, also known as the McGeady Spin or Ronaldinho 360, is a skill move that has become increasingly popular among FIFA players in recent years. Named after the famous Brazilian footballer Antony, who was renowned for his dazzling dribbling skills.

This move is all about swiveling past defenders with finesse and style. To execute the Antony Spin in FIFA 23, you’ll need to have a player with a four-star skill rating and some quick reflexes. As your player approaches an opponent. Initiate the skill move by flicking the right analog stick clockwise or counterclockwise (depending on which direction you want to spin).

How to do Antony Spin in FIFA 23 on Xbox and PlayStation?

To do the Antony Spin move in FIFA 23 on a computer, you should pick a player who is good at moving quickly and dribbling well, like Neymar or Messi. First, start by running slowly toward an opponent.

When you get close to the defender, quickly move the right joystick to the right or left, depending on where you want to turn. At the same time, press and hold the L1 or LB button to make the move fancier.

This will make your player react better while doing the move. The Antony Spin is when your player spins around really fast and agile, leaving defenders behind.

Tips to Make Perfect Your Antony Spin

Master the Timing

Doing an awesome Antony Spin depends on timing. Always keep an eye on opponent players. When you see the opponent players are not ready. Surprise them with the perfect Antony Spin. Remember, the timing is super important for this move. Keep practicing until you can do it perfectly really quickly.

Use It as a Weapon

The Antony Spin is more than just a cool move, it’s like a weapon that can help you make points or get past strong defense. When you do the spin, don’t only try to spin away from the other player. 

Also, think about how you can use it smartly. For instance, if you see defenders coming from one side, do an Antony Spin toward them. This way, you can turn fast and leave them amazed as you move ahead.

Practice Different Variation

The Antony Spin is a cool trick that can do many different things. You start by spinning halfway around the ball using your stronger foot. But, you can make it even more fun by trying new stuff. 

You could use both of your feet or mix it with other tricks like step-overs or fake-outs. When you learn different versions of the trick, you’ll be harder for the other team to figure out and it will be tough for them to stop you.

Tips for defending against Antony Spin

When facing a skilled opponent like Antony Spin in FIFA 23. it can be tough to stop him from scoring. But if you have a smart plan and do things carefully, you can make it much harder for him to score.

Watch Opponent

First, it’s really important to watch how Spin plays and learn what he likes to do in the game. If you study how he plays, you can figure out what he might do next and put your defenders where they need to be.

Putting Pressure

Another good way to defend against Antony Spin is to keep pressure on him all through the game. Instead of staying far away and giving him lots of space, get close to him as soon as he gets the ball. 

If you stay close to him on the field, he won’t have much time to set up good chances to score. Plus, this can mess up his rhythm and make him make mistakes.


To sum up, getting really good at doing the Antony Spin in FIFA 23 is tough, but if you work hard and practice a lot, you can make it a powerful move in your gaming skills. Now that you know the detailed steps and tricks to do this move well, it’s important to keep in mind when it works best. 

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