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How To Harvest Corn In Farming Simulator 22 (Guide)

How To Harvest Corn In Farming Simulator 22 (Guide)

Farming Simulator 22 offers players an immersive agricultural experience, allowing them to cultivate and harvest various crops. One of the key crops is corn, which can be a valuable asset if harvested correctly. In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to harvest corn in Farming Simulator 22, ensuring a successful and profitable harvest.

How To Harvest Corn In Farming Simulator 22?

Preparing the Field

Before harvesting corn, it’s essential to ensure that the field is properly prepared. Plow or cultivate the field to remove any weeds and create a suitable planting surface. Additionally, fertilize the field to optimize crop growth and maximize yield.

Planting Corn

Once the field is ready, it’s time to sow the corn seeds. Choose a suitable corn planter and attach it to your tractor. Drive along the field, ensuring that the corn seeds are evenly distributed. Consider spacing the rows appropriately, as overcrowding can hinder the growth of the corn plants.

Monitoring Growth

After planting the corn seeds, monitor the growth of the crop carefully. Corn typically takes around 90 to 120 in-game days to mature. During this period, make sure to address any potential issues such as pests, diseases, or weeds that may affect the crop’s health. Regularly inspect the field and apply appropriate pesticides or herbicides if necessary.


When the corn plants have fully matured, it’s time to begin the harvesting process. To harvest corn in Farming Simulator 22, you’ll need a combine harvester equipped with a corn header. Position the combine harvester at the edge of the field and unfold the harvester.

Using the Harvester

Approach the corn plants with the unfolded harvester. The corn header will automatically collect the matured corn cobs as the combine moves through the field. Ensure that the harvester is properly adjusted to minimize crop damage and maximize efficiency.

Storing and Selling

Once the combine harvester has collected the corn cobs, it’s time to decide what to do with your harvest. You can store the corn in a suitable storage facility, such as a silo or grain bin, for later use or sell it directly at the market for immediate profit.

Where to Sell Corn in Farming Simulator 22?

To find out where to sell your corn in Farming Simulator 22, access the selling menu. Open the menu and navigate to the ‘Prices‘ tab. Here, you will find a list of available plants and products for sale. Flick to the right to highlight the desired buyer and choose where to take your corn for selling.

Train Stations

Train stations can serve as excellent locations for selling your corn. You can rent a train for one hour at a cost of 1000 in-game currency. It is also possible to use the silo storage at the train station, which can be borrowed for a few months.

Other Selling Points

Apart from train stations, there are various other options for selling corn in Farming Simulator 22. The game offers a range of selling points, including stores and bakeries. Pay attention to the prices screen to identify the best-selling point for corn and unload the trailer accordingly.


Harvesting corn in Farming Simulator 22 is a rewarding process that requires careful planning, monitoring, and efficient use of machinery. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to successfully harvest corn and reap the rewards of your hard work.

And also Knowing where to sell your corn harvest in Farming Simulator 22 is vital for optimizing your profitability. Remember to enjoy the immersive farming experience that Farming Simulator 22 provides and explore other exciting features the game has to offer.

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